The old Tea Rooms, Aylsham, Norfolk


It was very wet and cold this morning. I had worn my winter coat to the airport in New Zealand, and it came with me all the way across the world. I never thought I would actually need it.

This morning I definitely needed it! It was cold! Like a chilly autumn day in New Zealand. It was actually quite nice. I got to wear my nice coat again. We had tea in a very cozy little tea shop. Very English. 🙂


The view outside the window. Drizzle.

The shop was called The Old Tea Rooms.  We had a pot of tea and some of us had coffees. It was so warm and cozy, with the kind of atmosphere that makes you want to stay for ages.

 I wish this place was in Whangarei!


The Old Tea Rooms

18a Red Lion Street, Aylsham Norwich, Norfolk NR11 6ER
+44 12637 32112 ·



Chapel Lane, Botesdale


We went for a drive to a very cute little village, Botesdale.

we visited someone on Chapel Lane. Each house had its own name, like Cherry House, etc. No numbers on the houses, which made it terrible for finding anything.

We had to stop and wave down a postman who was just pulling out.

“hey!” dad bellowed.

Poor postman looked pretty startled as he slowed down and finished chewing his lunch as he gave directions.



This was growing off the old brick wall.

IMG_8066Norfolk Flint is everywhere, in walls and houses and borders.


IMG_8037I found this crammed into the wall! 2 pence.

It was a lovely lane, with honeysuckle all over the walls and birds singing everywhere.

The was one eyesore of a cottage on the lane. It would be nice if it was done up, but it was an eyesore at the moment all right! I kindly extracted the eyesore from my photos!

Norwich Explorations

100_7471We went into Norwich today. It is such an amazing city. I love it! We marched around gazing in wonder at how different it is to Whangarei, and found things we wanted to buy but didn’t because we hadn’t exchanged our money yet, and then we went and had hot chips from the market.



The chips were great. Proper English chips, dripping in oil and sizzling hot. So good! We ordered large trays of them, and we could only eat half. We are having the rest again for dinner!



Ahh look at those sugar mice!



Flights and Waits and Photos


Stifling hot. Bleary eyes. Wandering around in a daze, attempting to find the bathroom. This is me at GuangZhou airport. We had just got off a 12 hour flight from Auckland, New Zealand. This was after the 2 1/2 hour drive from Whangarei, our home. I found I detested flying. Maybe I’d feel differently in more expensive seats though! But the turbulence freaked me out!


Here we are, after the second flight, from China to London. This was after we got out of Heathrow. We got in the car, and Rod, and old friend who picked us up, had hot tea, biscuits, cartons of juice and bottles of water. It was such a relief! No more strange food or endless countdowns. (only 10 hours of flying to go! Help)

I had so many people tell me how wet, cold, dark, damp, cloudy, etc. it would be in England. One friend said to watch out for snow,,,,!!!

We arrived on a sunny afternoon. Not what I’d call a hot summer day in New Zealand standards, but massively warmer than our cold winter we just escaped from, Not a trace of snow haha.

 A few cel phone pictures: top one is my sister Emily, Middle some pretty pansies, and bottom, a view from the car window.

IMG_20130617_090210 IMG_20130617_090937 IMG_20130616_182942

We drove past some amazing old houses and beautiful old shops on Norwich. Hoping to go have a proper look around this afternoon.

I love it here. It’s such a change from New Zealand. Instead of barren hills and mud and totara trees it’s green and leafy.

Now I just need the room to stop spinning. I am still disoriented from that flight! And to think there’s another one looming up on the horizon. Hopefully by then I will be longing for home and it will all be worth the sufferation.

Thats all for today. Can’t wait to get some more photos taken!

IMG_20130617_064614Oh, and I like the second season of strawberries I get!